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  1. Mario López Estrada

    construction, real state development projects, road construction, urban construction, offices, shopping centers, telecommunications business and renewable

  2. Thai Public Broadcasting Service

    of their jobs. All of TITV's old programming was pulled from the air and, during a two-week interim period, programming was provided by the Public Relations

  3. Turbo (disambiguation)

    Integrated Development Environment for the C programming language Turbo coding, a form of error-correction coding, usually used in telecommunications Turbo

  4. France 24

    Central and South America, France 24 is represented by the American telecommunications company New Line Television, headquartered in Miami, Florida. As of

  5. PBS

    and television program distributor. It is a nonprofit organization and the most prominent provider of educational television programming to public television

  6. DDP

    Data-directed programming, a programming paradigm Datagram Delivery Protocol, a networking protocol in the AppleTalk suite Differential dynamic programming, a second-order

  7. Provisioning (telecommunications)

    services to its users. In National Security/Emergency Preparedness telecommunications services, "provisioning" equates to "initiation" and includes altering

  8. Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

    supports such NTIA telecommunications objectives as promotion of advanced telecommunications and information infrastructure development in the United States

  9. NetExpert

    Telecommunications Management Network architecture created by the Telecommunications Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunications Union

  10. SAS (software)

    SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd was a lawsuit with developers of a competing implementation, World Programming System, alleging that they had