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  1. Telecommunications in Israel

    Telecommunications in Israel are the most developed in the Middle East. Israel's system consists of coaxial cables, optical fibers, and microwave radio

  2. E-Rate

    Commission (FCC). The program provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access

  3. PowerBuilder

    NET programming languages is also now supported. Many existing features have also been enhanced. PowerBuilder is an object-oriented programming language

  4. Provisioning (telecommunications)

    services to its users. In National Security/Emergency Preparedness telecommunications services, "provisioning" equates to "initiation" and includes altering

  5. Mobile edge computing

    standards and application programming interfaces (APIs), using common programming models, relevant tool chains and software development kits to encourage and

  6. Telecommunications in the United Arab Emirates

    and modern housing developments, for the majority of the UAE, Etisalat held a monopoly on business and personal telecommunications services. In February

  7. Mario López Estrada

    construction, real state development projects, road construction, urban construction, offices, shopping centers, telecommunications business and renewable

  8. New7Wonders of the World

    for the Christ) which had the support of private companies, namely telecommunications operators that stopped charging voters to make telephone calls and

  9. ITERA

    ITERA is the acronym for the Information and Telecommunications Education and Research Association. ITERA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and was

  10. Samsung Telecommunications

    the Telecommunication Network, and in 1983 it initiated its mobile telecommunications business with the hope that this would become the company's future