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  1. William Drenttel

    program development and marketing; design of all collateral materials to support national programming and Poetry Magazine; and design and development

  2. University of Valle

    Information and Telecommunications, Internal Control, Institutional relationships, Legal Affairs, and Planning and Institutional Development; and the General

  3. Cyclone Dina

    Hamilton (January 25, 2002). "Cyclone Dina Batters Islands, Damages Telecommunications Network". World Markets Analysis. – via Lexis Nexis (subscription

  4. Mark Scheffel

    Senate co-sponsored House Bill 1327, which expanded the elopement of telecommunications networks in the state and House Bill 1329 which deregulate Internet-based

  5. Political positions of Mar Roxas

    National Broadband Network (NBN) project with China's Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE) Corporation. Roxas said that the $329.4-million deal

  6. Armenian national liberation movement

    Establishment of an Armenian state Nationalism was an important factor in the development of Europe. In the 19th century, a wave of romantic nationalism swept

  7. Chasqui I

    in the process of addressing problems such as crop monitoring and telecommunications areas. The project Chasqui I, which initially was formative[clarification

  8. Communication aesthetics

    also to other machines, is a fore-runner of the opening out of the telecommunications network and the abolition of certain constraints of distance.” And

  9. Isaiah Balat

    “Infrastructure such as good access roads, electricity, water supply, telecommunications, should be made available in order to reduce the burden and high cost

  10. History of Australia since 1945

    accelerated the pace of privatisation, beginning with the government-owned telecommunications corporation, Telstra. Howard's government continued some elements