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  1. Healthcare reform in China

    505-535. Lesson from the Chinese Approach to Health Systems Development Institute of Development Studies (IDS) In Focus Policy Brief Issue 8, June 2009. Hsiao

  2. Geoff Tootill

    Tootill managed to get assigned to work on airborne radar at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) in Malvern. Here, he went out to airfields

  3. California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

    economic growth of the state—biomedicine, bioengineering, nanosystems, telecommunications and information technology. Moreover, the Cal ISIs were conceived

  4. Media of Ghana

    International Programs, U.S. Census Bureau, retrieved 26 June 2013. "Percentage of Individuals using the Internet 2000-2012", International Telecommunications Union

  5. Smoking in Syria

    freedom for women in a generally male-dominated society. However, this development also brings about a new target group for tobacco companies and furthers

  6. Government crowdsourcing

    2010, extending coverage to include biotechnology, bioinformatics, telecommunications, and speech recognition. The USPTO was further encouraged to implement

  7. Human rights in Mongolia

    statistics on executions were kept secret. Freedom of religion in Mongolia Telecommunications in Mongolia "Law and Human Rights Internships in Mongolia". Projects

  8. Edwin Howard Armstrong

    corporate employee. He set up a self-financed independent research and development laboratory at Columbia, and owned his patents outright. In 1934, he filled

  9. Albanian Civil War

    30 September 2012. UNDP, Albanian Human Development Report 1998. Tirana: United Nations Development Program, 1999. "No full confirmation on the number

  10. South Korean Patent Act

    purpose of this Act is to facilitate technological development and contribute to industrial development by protecting and encouraging invention and promoting