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  1. Telecommunications network

    telecommunications networks include: Computer networks Internet Telephone network Global Telex network Aeronautical ACARS network Telecommunications facilitates

  2. List of telecom companies in India

    TACTV UCN Cable Network Pvt. Ltd Universal Communication System You Telecom Viom Networks This is a list of internet service providers in India. There were

  3. Spark New Zealand

    unbundling initiatives by central government – Telecom Retail; Telecom Wholesale; and Chorus, the network infrastructure division. This separation effectively

  4. Global Telecom Holding

    Global Telecom Holding S.A.E. (formerly Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E.) (GTH) is an international telecommunications company operating mobile networks in

  5. Nortel

    Nortel Networks Corporation (Nortel), formerly commonly known as Northern Electric and Northern Telecom, was a multinational telecommunications and data

  6. International Networks (country code)

    The cost to call such a number can be high; for example in the British Telecom price list rates for various 882 and 883 numbers ranged from £0.60 to £4

  7. Mobile telephone numbering in India

    Numbering Plan 2003 as XXXX-NNNNNN. Here, XXXX identifies the network operator and the telecom circle while NNNNNN identifies the subscriber. The Department

  8. Huawei

    organized around three core business segments: Telecom Carrier Networks, building telecommunications networks and services Enterprise Business, providing

  9. Telecom Infra Project

    Telecom Infra Project (TIP) was formed in 2016 as an engineering-focused, collaborative methodology for building and deploying global telecom network

  10. Golan Telecom

    Golan Telecom (Hebrew: גולן טלקום) is a mobile network operator in Israel. In July 2011 the company won a tender to operate a 3G wireless network in Israel