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  1. Integrated development environment

    Visual programming is also responsible for the power of distributed programming (cf. LabVIEW and EICASLAB software). An early visual programming system

  2. Karel (programming language)

    educational programming language for beginners, created by Richard E. Pattis in his book Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming. Pattis

  3. Robot

    Wake-up robot problem Neuromorphic engineering Cognitive robotics Companion robot Domestic robot Epigenetic robotics Evolutionary robotics Humanoid robot Autonomous

  4. Industrial robot

    the Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly (PUMA). Industrial robotics took off quite quickly in Europe, with both ABB Robotics and KUKA Robotics bringing

  5. Automation technician

    interfaces. Typical courses include math, communications, circuits, digital devices and electrical controls. Other courses include robotics, automation, electrical

  6. Robot software

    Off-line programming (robotics) software. With this method, it is possible to handle brand-specific robot programming language from a universal programming language

  7. C-STEM Center

    C-STEM Studio Teaches K-12 Robotics and Computing". The Journal. "UC Davis Releases Free Tools for Teaching Robotics". Robotics Trends. "Math scores should

  8. Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College

    promote research, consultancy, project development and training in the emerging technology field of Automation and Robotics.[citation needed] The college has

  9. Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

    acceleration), easy access to a robot's sensors and actuators. The primary programming language is C#. Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio includes support

  10. History of robots

    "The Robot Hall of Fame : AIBO". Archived from the original on 6 September 2007. Retrieved 31 August 2007. "Robotics Institute: About the Robotics Institute"