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  1. Moira Gunn

    dynamics, and global climate and weather modeling. She also did work in robotics engineering at IBM, Morton Thiokol, United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney

  2. ZMP

    reference to marginal product of labor). Zero Moment Point. ZMP INC., a Sony robot company. Związek Młodzieży Polskiej (Union of Polish Youth). Minneapolis

  3. Dance Gavin Dance

    Game" was released on September 16, 2016, and the music video for "Young Robot" was released on September 27, 2016. In support of the album, the band embarked

  4. Minus V

    "Kagaku no Yoru" (科学の夜, Night of Science) – 5:05 "Thanksgiving Day" – 3:39 "Robot" – 3:30 "Need Your Love" – 4:48 "Na no Hanabatake" (菜ノ花畑, Rape Blossom Garden)

  5. Peter Grimwade

    chance to direct, being asked to film some model shots for the serial The Robots of Death while the serial's actual director, Michael E. Briant, directed

  6. ITE College West

    Band Symphonic Band ACE Club Apple Club Audio Visual Club Automation & Robotics Business Studies Club Community Service Club Clean Energy Club Cyber Security

  7. Sanjeev Kanoria

    group SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited. Advinia is trialling the use of robots to care for the elderly. Dr Kanoria trained at King's College London and

  8. Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering

    good food. Master's degrees: KET 4 Food + Bio. Enabling technologies (robotics, nanotechnology, photonics, ...) applied to the food and bioprocesses industry

  9. St. Gregory's Abbey (Oklahoma)

    Heart Abbey in what today is Konawa, Oklahoma, led by the Rev. Dom Isidore Robot, O.S.B., who had been appointed Prefect Apostolic of the Indian Territory

  10. Orcs Must Die!!

    Must Die! is an action-tower defense video game developed and published by Robot Entertainment and Mastertronic. It is a tower defense game that eschews