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  1. IRobot Create

    Microsoft Robotics Studio and the Webots simulation environment contain iRobot Create models. The iRobot Create is popular in the robotic research and

  2. Computer engineering compendium

    Programming language generations Comparison of programming languages Printf format string Programming paradigm Object-oriented design Software documentation

  3. Integrated library system

    1960s, which coincided with the growth of computer technologies – library automation was born. From this point onwards, libraries began experimenting with

  4. Marketing and artificial intelligence

    systems which assist in areas such as market forecasting, and automation of processes and decision making, along with increased efficiency of tasks which

  5. Robot research initiative

    articulated robotic arm to carry a human & respiration synchronization method) Surgeon-Robot Interaction for Bone-Fracture Reposition Robot Lab - Robotic Assistant

  6. List of computer simulation software

    scientific prototyping and data processing using the same language as MATLAB and GNU Octave. Galatea - a multi-agent, multi-programming language, simulation platform

  7. Software bug

    in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. The process of finding and

  8. List of Python software

    scientific programming. Visual Studio Code, an Open Source IDE for various languages, including Python Webware for Python, a suite of programming tools for

  9. Programmable matter

    Self-Reconfigurable Robot Systems". IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine. 14 (1): 43. doi:10.1109/MRA.2007.339623. "DARPA (US Military) Programmable Matter Thrust"

  10. VxWorks

    recorder Industrial robots ABB industrial robots The C5G robotic project by Comau KUKA industrial robots Stäubli industrial robots Yaskawa Electric Corporation's