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  1. List of International Organization for Standardization standards, 14000-14999,_14000-14999

    lower layer protocols ISO/IEC TR 14543-4:2002 Part 4: Home and building automation in a mixed-use building ISO/IEC 14543-4-1:2008 Part 4-1: Communication

  2. List of International Organization for Standardization standards, 11000-11999,_11000-11999

    validation and maintenance of a sterilization process ISO/IEC 11756:1999 Information technology - Programming languages - M ISO/TR 11766:2010 Intelligent

  3. Penn State College of Engineering

    Microsystems Design Laboratory: focused on the development of special-purpose computers, design automation tools, leakage power management, intelligent

  4. Delrina

    of automation tools. As PerForm captured the retail market, it became apparent that there was a need for electronics forms delivery and processing at

  5. Rajit Gadh

    Geometry, Artificial Intelligence/Robotics, and Visualization. Gadh has over 25 years of experience in research and development, leading technology teams to

  6. 2017 in science

    may use an automated, robotic drill". Science Daily. 1 May 2017. Retrieved 2 May 2017. Bodkin, Henry (1 May 2017). "The robotic brain surgeon will see

  7. 2013 in science

    29 March – Scientists create a robotic ant colony that behaves like a real one. The tiny machines can be programmed to avoid obstacles and find the quickest

  8. Pázmány Péter Catholic University

    institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), namely the Computer and Automation Research Institute, the Research Institute for Experimental Medicine,

  9. Economy of metropolitan Detroit

    in the area including technology and design centers. Oakland County's "Automation Alley" has over 1,800 of world's advanced technology companies with Metro

  10. Telstra Business Awards

    THE hairdressing New South Wales Small Business Award – Provecta Process Automation Pty. Ltd. Queensland Small Business Award – Daintree Discovery Centre