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  1. Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute

    of Robotics & Automation was founded in 2008 under the Mechanical Engineering Department of VJTI. The student society works in the field of robotics and

  2. Outsourcing

    lack of understanding of technical IT processes. Industry analysts have identified robotic process automation (RPA) software and in particular the enhanced

  3. Manufacturing engineering

    manufacturers use the term "fabrication" for these processes. Automation is used in different processes of manufacturing such as machining and welding. Automated

  4. Lego Mindstorms

    Mindstorms' Robotic Invention System 1.0 was released in September 1998. Before Mindstorms, Lego had previously done some experimentation with robotic sets.

  5. OPC Unified Architecture

    include pharmaceutical, oil and gas, building automation, industrial robotics, security, manufacturing and process control. Although developed by the same organization

  6. Outline of artificial intelligence

    Artificial life – Automated planning and scheduling – Automated reasoning – Automation – Automatic target recognition – Biologically inspired computing – Computer

  7. Caliper Life Sciences

    automation starting with the introduction of the world's first lab robotic system, the Zymark Zymate. To date, Caliper has a number of lab automation

  8. Self-reconfiguring modular robot

    Modular self-reconfiguring robotic systems or self-reconfigurable modular robots are autonomous kinematic machines with variable morphology. Beyond conventional

  9. Automated guided vehicle

    Machine. Egemin Automation Inc., 2014 "Common AGV Applications: Raw Material Handling" JBT Corporation. 18 March 2009 "Work in Process Movement with AGVs"

  10. Technological unemployment

    "mechanical-muscle" machines or more efficient "mechanical-mind" processes (automation), and human's role in these proceeses are minimized. Just as horses