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  1. Laboratory automation

    technologies in the laboratory that enable new and improved processes. Laboratory automation professionals are academic, commercial and government researchers

  2. Laboratory robotics

    laboratory robotics can be used to completely automate the process of science, as in the Robot Scientist project. Laboratory processes are suited for robotic automation

  3. Factory automation infrastructure

    Factory automation infrastructure is a more recently coined phrase that is used to describe the process of incorporating automation into the manufacturing

  4. Autonomous robot

    temperature, range to various objects, and altitude. Some robotic lawn mowers will adapt their programming by detecting the speed in which grass grows as needed

  5. Computer programming

    computer programs. These might be considered part of the programming process, but often the term software development is used for this larger process with


    captured as desired for controlling a production line or machine. Process automation requires increased availability, which can be achieved through media

  7. Cloud robotics

    research, technological development projects, specifically to explore the field of cloud robotics. The goal of RoboEarth is to allow robotic systems to benefit

  8. Workflow

    services an application can be in the practice of developing robotic process automation (called RPA or RPAAI for self-guided RPA 2.0 based on artificial

  9. Broadcast automation

    Broadcast automation incorporates the use of broadcast programming technology to automate broadcasting operations. Used either at a broadcast network,

  10. Outline of robotics

    services for robotics. Cognitive robotics – views animal cognition as a starting point for the development of robotic information processing, as opposed