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  1. Quantum machine learning

    Quantum machine learning is an emerging interdisciplinary research area at the intersection of quantum physics and machine learning. The most common use

  2. Quantum programming

    Quantum programming is the process of assembling sequences of instructions, called quantum programs, that are capable of running on a quantum computer

  3. Machine learning in physics

    Applying classical methods of machine learning to the study of quantum systems (sometimes called quantum machine learning) is the focus of an emergent

  4. Machine learning

    learning List of datasets for machine learning research Predictive analytics Quantum machine learning Machine-learning applications in bioinformatics

  5. Quantum machine

    A quantum machine is a human-made device whose collective motion follows the laws of quantum mechanics. The idea that macroscopic objects may follow the

  6. Quantum neural network

    (which are widely used in machine learning for the important task of pattern classification) with the advantages of quantum information in order to develop

  7. Quantum computing

    computing Post-quantum cryptography Quantum annealing Quantum bus Quantum cognition Quantum cryptography Quantum gate Quantum machine learning Quantum threshold

  8. List of datasets for machine-learning research

    for machine-learning research and have been cited in peer-reviewed academic journals. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning. Major

  9. Outline of machine learning

    Cross-disciplinary fields involving machine learning Adversarial machine learning Predictive analytics Quantum machine learning Robot learning Developmental robotics

  10. List of companies involved in quantum computing or communication

    engaged in the development of quantum computing or quantum communication. Quantum computing and communication are two sub-fields of quantum information science