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  1. Quantum annealing

    overview of the quantum annealing systems manufactured by D-Wave Systems are presented in. Quantum annealing can be compared to simulated annealing, whose "temperature"

  2. Quantum programming

    Quantum programming is the process of assembling sequences of instructions, called quantum programs, that are capable of running on a quantum computer

  3. Quantum computing

    implementing a quantum computer: analog and digital. Analog approaches are further divided into quantum simulation, quantum annealing, and adiabatic quantum computation

  4. List of companies involved in quantum computing or communication

    engaged in the development of quantum computing or quantum communication. Quantum computing and communication are two sub-fields of quantum information science

  5. Quantum machine learning

    superconductive quantum computing methods. Quantum computing Quantum algorithm for linear systems of equations Quantum annealing Quantum neural network Quantum image

  6. Timeline of quantum computing

    thermal excitations), suggesting the effectiveness of quantum annealing over classical simulated annealing. 1991 Artur Ekert at the University of Oxford, expands

  7. Quantum Bayesianism

    and the philosophy of physics, quantum Bayesianism (abbreviated QBism, pronounced "cubism") is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that takes an agent's

  8. John von Neumann

    linear programming, self-replicating machines, stochastic computing), and statistics. He was a pioneer of the application of operator theory to quantum mechanics

  9. Mathematical optimization

    mathematical programming problem (a term not directly related to computer programming, but still in use for example in linear programming – see History

  10. Quantum tunnelling

    Quantum tunnelling or tunneling (US) is the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a subatomic particle passes through a potential barrier. Quantum tunnelling