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  1. Cognitive computing

    neuroscience Synthetic intelligence Usability Neuromorphic engineering AI accelerator Kelly III, Dr. John (2015). "Computing, cognition and the future of knowing"

  2. Ubiquitous computing

    availability Human-centered computing List of ubiquitous computing research centers Mobile interaction Neuromorphic computing Pervasive game Pervasive informatics

  3. Von Neumann architecture

    (2000), A Brief History of Computing: ENIAC and EDVAC, retrieved January 27, 2010 Copeland, Jack (2000), A Brief History of Computing: ENIAC and EDVAC, retrieved

  4. Carver Mead

    Events. Retrieved 1 May 2014. Furber, Steve (2016). "Large-scale neuromorphic computing systems". Journal of Neural Engineering. 13 (5): 051001. Bibcode:2016JNEng

  5. Stephen Grossberg

    psychologist, neuroscientist, mathematician, biomedical engineer, and neuromorphic technologist. He is the Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems

  6. Computation and Neural Systems

    and three separate courses resulted: Hopfield's on neural networks, Mead's on neuromorphic analog circuits, and Feynman's course on the physics of computation

  7. IBM

    into microprocessors, and in 2014, the company revealed TrueNorth, a neuromorphic CMOS integrated circuit and announced a $3 billion investment over the

  8. IEEE Rebooting Computing

    "Probabilistic/Approximate Computing", "Neuromorphic Computing", and "Beyond CMOS/3D Computing", with a fourth track on "Superconducting Computing". The summit also

  9. Christof Koch

    Computational Neuroscience summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole in 1988, the Neuromorphic Engineering summer school in Telluride

  10. Human Brain Project

    respective disease signatures SP9 Neuromorphic Computing Platform: Developing and applying brain-inspired computing technology SP10 Neurorobotics Platform: