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  1. Natural language processing

    Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence concerned with

  2. Natural language

    neuropsychology, linguistics, and the philosophy of language, a natural language or ordinary language is any language that has evolved naturally in humans through

  3. Outline of natural language processing

    provided as an overview of and topical guide to natural language processing: Natural language processing – computer activity in which computers are entailed

  4. History of natural language processing

    The history of natural language processing describes the advances of natural language processing (Outline of natural language processing). There is some

  5. Natural-language understanding

    Natural-language understanding (NLU) or natural-language interpretation (NLI) is a subtopic of natural-language processing in artificial intelligence that

  6. Natural Language Toolkit

    The Natural Language Toolkit, or more commonly NLTK, is a suite of libraries and programs for symbolic and statistical natural language processing (NLP)

  7. Natural-language programming

    Natural-language programming (NLP) is an ontology-assisted way of programming in terms of natural-language sentences, e.g. English. A structured document

  8. Controlled natural language

    Controlled natural languages (CNLs) are subsets of natural languages that are obtained by restricting the grammar and vocabulary in order to reduce or

  9. Process

    processing, transformation of raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means into food Language processing in the brain Natural language processing Praxis

  10. Natural-language user interface

    varieties of ambiguous input. Natural-language interfaces are an active area of study in the field of natural-language processing and computational linguistics