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  1. Development communication

    topic in the Development Communication and policy sciences because it sets problems and issues into policies. It sets the tone of how policies are crafted

  2. Program on Information Resources Policy

    The Program on Information Resources Policy (PIRP) was a research program at Harvard University, sometimes referred to informally as "Harvard’s think

  3. Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development,_Family_and_Community_Development

    disabled. The ministry determines the policies and direction to achieve the goals of gender equality, family development and a caring society in line with

  4. Policy

    implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by a governance body within an organization. Policies can assist in both subjective and

  5. Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute,_Development,_Information_and_Policy_Institute

    through information sharing and policy dialogue; Support other civil society organizations in lobbying for sound health and development policies and laws;

  6. Information technology controls

    controls over the Information Technology (IT) environment, computer operations, access to programs and data, program development and program changes. IT application

  7. Privacy policy

    the privacy policies or other terms of service agreements. While no generally applicable law exists, some federal laws govern privacy policies in specific

  8. Master of Public Policy

    emphasis on implementation of public policies and the design of effective programs and projects to achieve public policy goals. In recognition of the overlapping

  9. Information security

    to access information and other computing services begins with administrative policies and procedures. The policies prescribe what information and computing

  10. Information Communications Technology education in the Philippines

    administrative practices and policies. This includes components such as a national vision of ICT in education, national ICT plans and policies, complementary national