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  1. Financial risk management

    Financial risk management is the practice of economic value in a firm by using financial instruments to manage exposure to risk: operational risk, credit

  2. Financial risk

    Financial risk is any of various types of risk associated with financing, including financial transactions that include company loans in risk of default

  3. Risk management

    to whether the risk management method is in the context of project management, security, engineering, industrial processes, financial portfolios, actuarial

  4. Project risk management

    risk management remains a relatively undeveloped discipline, distinct from the risk management used by Operational, Financial and Underwriters' risk management

  5. IT risk management

    IT Risk Management is the application of risk management methods to information technology in order to manage IT risk, i.e.: The business risk associated

  6. Operational risk management

    operational risk management (ORM) is defined as a continual cyclic process which includes risk assessment, risk decision making, and implementation of risk controls

  7. Financial risk modeling

    Financial risk modeling is the use of formal econometric techniques to determine the aggregate risk in a financial portfolio. Risk modeling is one of many

  8. Enterprise risk management

    Enterprise risk management (ERM) in business includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to

  9. Financial management

    Financial management focuses on ratios, equities and debts. It is useful for portfolio management, distribution of dividend, capital raising, hedging

  10. Corporate finance

    above Risk management is the process of measuring risk and then developing and implementing strategies to manage ("hedge") that risk. Financial risk management