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  1. Digital literacy

    other mediums on various digital platforms. Digital literacy is evaluated by an individual's grammar, composition, typing skills and ability to produce

  2. Digital Skills Global

    Digital Skills Global, formerly Digital Skills Academy is a provider of higher education programs and courses for working professionals. The Academy offers

  3. Ada, the National College for Digital Skills,_the_National_College_for_Digital_Skills

    Ada, the National College for Digital Skills. (Ada College) is a further education college in Tottenham Hale, London and Whitechapel, London. It is named

  4. 21st century skills

    specific hard skills and mastery of particular skill sets, with a focus on digital literacy, are in increasingly high demand. People skills that involve

  5. Computer literacy

    learn to distinguish which skills they want to improve, and be more purposeful and accurate in their use of these skills. By learning more about computer

  6. Digital divide

    have more and less bandwidth and more or fewer skills. The description of conceptualizations of Digital Divide is as "who, with which characteristics,

  7. TeenTech

    Retrieved 23 June 2015. "Young digital Taskforce". "UK Digital Skills". "Digital Skills for Tomorrow's World" (PDF). UK Digital Skills Taskforce. July 2014.

  8. Jan van Dijk

    this technology. Afterwards he focussed on digital skills with research results published in Digital Skills, Unlocking the information society, co-author

  9. Jetking Infotrain

    Established in 1947Jetking Infotrain Limited is a Digital Skills and Networking Training Institute, which trains technical and non-technical students.

  10. Digital marketing

    Engaging the Digital Generation Ed. 3. 1st ed. Kogan Page. Schiele, Kristen; Chen, Steven (2018-03-26). "Design Thinking and Digital Marketing Skills in Marketing