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  1. Data science

    unstructured data. Data science is related to data mining, deep learning and big data. Data science is a "concept to unify statistics, data analysis, machine

  2. R (programming language)

    RStudio, an integrated development environment, and Jupyter, a notebook interface. R is an implementation of the S programming language combined with

  3. Competitive programming

    in competitive programming. These include: Participation in programming contests may increase student enthusiasm for computer science studies. The skills

  4. Computer programming

    machine code of computer programs. These might be considered part of the programming process, but often the term software development is used for this larger

  5. Abstraction (computer science)

    abstraction is removing irrelevant data so a program is easier to understand.[citation needed] Different programming languages provide different types

  6. Computer science

    functions and avoids state and mutable data. It is a declarative programming paradigm, which means programming is done with expressions or declarations

  7. End-user development

    End-user development (EUD) or end-user programming (EUP) refers to activities and tools that allow end-users – people who are not professional software

  8. Data visualization

    developed programs to meet the demand for learning data visualization and associated programming libraries, including free programs like The Data Incubator

  9. Big data

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by big data holders, such as Google and Twitter, to do research in the social and behavioral sciences. Often

  10. Computer science and engineering

    algorithms, data structures, numerical analysis, machine learning, information theory, programming language theory and paradigms. The program aims at designing