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  1. Neural architecture search

    Neural architecture search (NAS) is a technique for automating the design of artificial neural networks (ANN), a widely used model in the field of machine

  2. Generative adversarial network

    generator is typically a deconvolutional neural network, and the discriminator is a convolutional neural network. GANs often suffer from a "mode collapse"

  3. Siamese neural network

    A Siamese neural network (sometimes called a twin neural network) is an artificial neural network that uses the same weights while working in tandem on

  4. Capsule neural network

    closely mimic biological neural organization. The idea is to add structures called “capsules” to a convolutional neural network (CNN), and to reuse output

  5. Neural Style Transfer

    appearance (style) in which it is depicted. The original paper used a convolutional neural network (CNN) VGG-19 architecture that has been pre-trained to perform

  6. Time delay neural network

    optimizations for speech recognition. Convolutional neural network – a convolutional neural net where the convolution is performed along the time axis of

  7. Fault detection and isolation

    constructions, 2D Convolutional neural networks can be implemented to identify faulty signals from vibration image features. Deep belief networks, Restricted

  8. Waifu2x

    other types of photos. waifu2x was inspired by Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN). It uses Nvidia CUDA for computing, although alternative

  9. History of artificial neural networks

    artificial neural networks (ANN) began with Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts (1943) who created a computational model for neural networks based on algorithms

  10. Types of artificial neural networks

    types of artificial neural networks (ANN). Artificial neural networks are computational models inspired by biological neural networks, and are used to approximate