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  1. Poplog

    Source, reflective, incrementally compiled software development environment for the programming languages POP-11, Common Lisp, Prolog, and Standard ML

  2. Formal semantics (natural language)

    truth-conditional program have also argued that there is more to meaning than truth-conditions. Alternative approaches include more cognitive-oriented proposals

  3. Glossary of computer science

    Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program for accomplishing a specific computing task. Programming involves

  4. Glossary of artificial intelligence

    to an area of inquiry. R programming language A programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by

  5. Hannah Dee

    and in English). Dee received a BSc in Cognitive Science (1996), an MA in Philosophy (1998), and a PhD in Computing (2005), all from the University of Leeds

  6. Microservices

    to change. Ultimately this path of research led to the development of resource-oriented computing (ROC), a generalized computation abstraction in which

  7. David Vernon (professor)

    focusing on Masters programs by research in Computing fields.". Vernon's objective is to provide a framework to design cognitive system by elaborating

  8. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

    government agencies. Notable IARPA investments include quantum computing, superconducting computing, machine learning, and forecasting tournaments. IARPA characterizes

  9. History of computer science

    regarded as one of the first pioneers of computing. Beginning in the 1810s, Babbage had a vision of mechanically computing numbers and tables. Putting this into

  10. List of computer scientists

    Aaronson – quantum computing and complexity theory Rediet Abebe – algorithms and artificial intelligence Hal Abelson – intersection of computing and teaching