Information about Test

  1. Cognitive tutor

    developed also for other areas and subjects such as computer programming and science. Cognitive Tutors can be implemented into classrooms as a part of blended

  2. Outline of academic disciplines

    computing Distributed computing Grid computing Human-computer interaction Operating systems Parallel computing High-performance computing Programming

  3. Informatics

    for both computer science and computing as a discipline. In the United States, however, informatics is linked with computing in context of another domain

  4. Inductive programming

    Inductive programming (IP) is a special area of automatic programming, covering research from artificial intelligence and programming, which addresses

  5. Developmental psychology

    across three major dimensions: physical development, cognitive development, and social emotional development. Within these three dimensions are a broad

  6. Human Brain Project

    significant computing power, leading to developments in supercomputing and energy-efficient, brain-inspired computing techniques. Computational developments can

  7. Neuromorphic engineering

    technology development in the Human Brain Project, which aims to advance brain-inspired computing, have argued that advancement in neuromorphic computing could

  8. Affective computing

    Affective computing is the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects. It is an interdisciplinary

  9. Software development effort estimation

    requirement specifications, genetic programming, linear programming, economic production models, soft computing, fuzzy logic modeling, statistical bootstrapping

  10. Comparison of programming languages

    Programming languages are used for controlling the behavior of a machine (often a computer). Like natural languages, programming languages follow the rules