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  1. Artificial intelligence

    Mathematical optimization Multi-agent system Personality computing Robotic process automation Soft computing Universal basic income Weak AI The act of doling

  2. Artificial intelligence in healthcare

    2018-10-26. "IBM and Rensselaer Team to Research Chronic Diseases with Cognitive Computing". Bass D (20 September 2016). "Microsoft Develops AI to Help Cancer

  3. Murray Shanahan

    of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London, in the Department of Computing. He researches artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive science

  4. Human-centered computing

    artifacts. Human-centered computing is closely related to human-computer interaction and information science. Human-centered computing is usually concerned

  5. Cognitive module

    A cognitive module is a specialized tool or sub-unit that can be used by other parts to resolve cognitive tasks. It is used in theories of the modularity

  6. IT operations analytics

    Machine Learning in Operations", Cognitive Computing Recipes: Artificial Intelligence Solutions Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and TensorFlow, Apress

  7. List of African-American inventors and scientists

    Based on Insights from the Brain: IBM Awarded DARPA Funding for Cognitive Computing Collaboration, IBM Alden, November 20, 2008. Sarah Boone, The Black

  8. Emotion

    Computing: A Review". Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction; LNCS. 3784. Springer. pp. 981–95. doi:10.1007/11573548. "Affective Computing"

  9. Does not compute

    indicates a type of cognitive dissonance on the part of the machine in question. The expression of the phrase "does not compute" by robots or computers

  10. Virtual assistant

    2018). "PAPA: A parallel programming assistant powered by IBM Watson cognitive computing technology". Journal of Computational Science. 26: 275–284. doi:10