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  1. Spamming

    detection in Online Social Networks". 2015 International Conference on Cognitive Computing and Information Processing(CCIP). IEEE. pp. 1–6. doi:10

  2. Crowd computing

    utilization of "cognitive surplus" - the ability of the world’s population to collaborate on large, sometimes global projects. Crowd computing combines elements

  3. IBM

    13, 2016. Terdiman, Daniel. "IBM, Under Armour Team Up To Bring Cognitive Computing To Fitness Apps". Fast Company. Retrieved August 13, 2016. Franklin

  4. Nasdaq, Inc.,_Inc.

    program are Chain, a blockchain technology company; Digital Reasoning, cognitive computing technology; and Hanweck, real-time risk analytics. During Christmas

  5. Quantone

    recommendations to their product range, announcing a collaboration with IBM's cognitive computing platform, Watson. Quantone also addresses special issues, such as

  6. Intel

    acquisition completed in December 2015. In October 2015, Intel bought cognitive computing company Saffron Technology for an undisclosed price. In August 2016

  7. Glossary of artificial intelligence

    affective computing The study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects. Affective computing is

  8. Spatial–temporal reasoning

    from the fields of computer science, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology. The theoretic goal—on the cognitive side—involves representing and reasoning

  9. Virtual assistant

    2018). "PAPA: A parallel programming assistant powered by IBM Watson cognitive computing technology". Journal of Computational Science. 26: 275–284. doi:10

  10. LIDA (cognitive architecture)

    LIDA (Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent) cognitive architecture is an integrated artificial cognitive system that attempts to model a broad spectrum