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  1. Ginni Rometty

    two companies. As CEO, she focused IBM on analytics, cloud computing, and cognitive computing systems. Rometty's tenure as IBM's CEO was marked by noteworthy

  2. Automation

    processing time). Cognitive automation, as a subset of artificial intelligence, is an emerging genus of automation enabled by cognitive computing. Its primary

  3. Enterprise cognitive system

    Enterprise cognitive systems (ECS) are part of a broader shift in computing, from a programmatic to a probabilistic approach, called cognitive computing. An

  4. Watson (computer)

    Watson-branded cognitive computing PCWorld: Jan 9, 2014 2:30 PM Greenemeier, Larry. (2013). Will IBM's Watson Usher in a New Era of Cognitive Computing? Scientific

  5. Fourth Industrial Revolution

    cyber-physical systems (CPS), IoT, industrial internet of things, cloud computing, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  6. Optical character recognition

    compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes such as cognitive computing, machine translation, (extracted) text-to-speech, key data and text

  7. Digital Reasoning

    American company headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. It offers cognitive computing services to intelligence agencies, financial institutions and healthcare

  8. Ashwin Ram

    professor in the School of interactive computing in the College of Computing, an associate professor of cognitive science, an adjunct professor in the School

  9. Industrial internet of things

    cloud computing to refine and optimize the process controls. The IIoT is enabled by technologies such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, edge computing, mobile

  10. SyNAPSE

    SyNAPSE team for IBM is led by Dharmendra Modha, manager of IBM's cognitive computing initiative. The SyNAPSE team for HRL is led by Narayan Srinivasa