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  1. Cloud computing

    Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management

  2. Cloud computing security

    Cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect

  3. IBM cloud computing

    IBM cloud computing is a set of cloud computing services for business offered by the information technology company IBM. IBM cloud includes infrastructure

  4. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) forms a central part of's cloud-computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), by allowing users to rent

  5. Cloud computing architecture

    Cloud computing architecture refers to the components and subcomponents required for cloud computing. These components typically consist of a front end

  6. Cloud Computing (horse)

    Cloud Computing (foaled April 29, 2014) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 2017 Preakness Stakes in only his fourth start. Cloud Computing

  7. Cloud-computing comparison

    of cloud-computing software and providers. PaaS providers which can run on IaaS providers ("itself" means the provider is both PaaS and IaaS):

  8. Elasticity (cloud computing)

    characteristic that differentiates cloud computing from previously proposed computing paradigms, such as grid computing. The dynamic adaptation of capacity

  9. Mobile cloud computing

    Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is the combination of cloud computing and mobile computing to bring rich computational resources to mobile users, network

  10. Rackspace Cloud

    The Rackspace Cloud is a set of cloud computing products and services billed on a utility computing basis from the US-based company Rackspace. Offerings