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  1. Xunlei

    company announced that it will transform itself into a blockchain company, and release a blockchain-based product named OneThing Cloud. OneThing Cloud users

  2. Digital currency

    decentralized blockchain-based digital currencies with no central server, and no tangible assets held in reserve. Also known as cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based

  3. SegWit

    block size limit) with a soft fork. It was also intended to mitigate a blockchain size limitation problem that reduces bitcoin transaction speed. It does

  4. Lindy Chen

    founded FRETHAN Chain blockchain technology. Chen is the advisor of ContraCoin. Chen is the founding president of Australia Blockchain Alliance (ABA). Chen

  5. Augur (software)

    Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and the first decentralized application running on Ethereum to make headlines

  6. Bitcoin Gold

    (ASIC) can not be used to mine the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. Bitcoin Gold hard forked from the Bitcoin blockchain on October 24, 2017, at block height 491407

  7. Steem

    social media and content-focused Steem blockchain, which was created on March 24, 2016 by Ned Scott and the blockchain developer Dan Larimer.[citation needed]

  8. Public key infrastructure

    approach for PKI is to use the blockchain technology commonly associated with modern cryptocurrency. Since blockchain technology aims to provide a distributed

  9. Angie Lau

    Investment Forum, OECD’s Blockchain Policy Forum Summit, Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Hong Kong Blockchain Week, Asia Blockchain Summit, and Digital Journalism

  10. Luxoft

    Luxoft enabled Switzerland's first Blockchain based e-vote platform with the City of Zug and Hochschule Luzern's Blockchain Lab. Luxoft has a development center