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  1. Stablecoin

    typically happens off the blockchain, the cryptocurrency or crypto asset used to back this type of stablecoins is done on the blockchain, using smart contracts

  2. Brock Pierce

    brothers Bart and Bradford Stephens in founding venture capital firm Blockchain Capital (BCC) which was reported to have raised $85 million in two venture

  3. NEM (cryptocurrency)

    NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched on March 31, 2015 written in Java. NEM was started by a Bitcoin Talk forum user called

  4. Crypto art

    Crypto art, also known as "Rare Art" is art that is related to blockchain technology. CryptoArt are rare digital artworks, sometimes described as digital

  5. Alex Winter

    Panama Papers, about the Panama Papers, and Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain, which premiered in Los Angeles on November 16, 2018. In July 2015, Winter

  6. Smart bond (finance)

    specific type of an automated bond contract that uses the capabilities of blockchain databases that can operate as cryptographically-secure yet open and transparent


    control of the domain name in April 2014 where he leased it to, and then later to OKCoin. In May 2015, OKCoin announced that the

  8. Cryptocurrency wallet

    and maintained in a publicly available distributed ledger called the blockchain. Some wallets are specifically designed to be compatible with a framework

  9. Unspent transaction output

    their UTXO to the receiver's Public Key. The total UTXOs present in a blockchain represent a set, every transaction thus consumes elements from this set

  10. Fiorenzo Manganiello

    1991) is an Italian banker and expert in field of blockchain technologies who was awarded as Blockchain Expert Switzerland for 2018 by Acquisition International