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    Unit". Forbes. Retrieved September 8, 2014. "Market Capitalization", Blockchain (Nov. 9, 2014). Data, The World Bank (Nov. 9, 2014), http://data.worldbank

  2. 2009 in science

    the developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto mines the genesis block of its blockchain. 6 January – NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovers 12 new gamma-ray-only

  3. ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36

    Study group on online course standards ISO/IEC JTC 1/AHG5 Tore Hoel(SN) Blockchain in Education ISO/IEC JTC 1/TCG Mokhtar Ben Henda (FR) Terminology Coordination

  4. List of University of California, Berkeley faculty,_Berkeley_faculty

    Yao". Association for Computing Machinery. "Game Theory in Auction and Blockchain". Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley

  5. List of pioneers in computer science

    digital currency. Nakamoto's 2008 white-paper introduced the concept of the blockchain, a database structure that allows full trust in the decentralized and

  6. List of Wharton School alumni

    Michael del. "Asia's Wealthiest Families Gather To Learn The Business Of Blockchain". Forbes. Retrieved 2019-03-07. Joseph Wharton Award for Leadership: James

  7. Chow Tai Fook

    America (GIA) partnered with Chow Tai Fook on a pilot program that will use blockchain to deliver digital diamond-grading reports. On 17 January 2020, Chow Tai

  8. Asgardia

    BBC News. 13 October 2016. WIRED Germany: So wird eine außerirdische Blockchain die Menschheit zu den Sternen führen [1] "Far-Out Nation: Hopeful Space-Based

  9. Florida Southern College

    Actress, musician, and producer of the first film in history to release via blockchain technology Charleene Closshey attended FSC as a business major, graduating

  10. Steve Reeves (computer scientist)

    recently started work (initially with colleagues from Data61) on uses for blockchain. He has had a seed grant awarded by the New Zealand Science for Technological