Information about Test

  1. Tim Arnold (musician)

    Ontario. "What Love Would Want" is one of the first songs to premiere via Blockchain technology with Canadian company Musicoin, the world's first smart cryptocurrency

  2. Mark Mallia

    collaboration between human artist and artificial intelligence". Malta Blockchain Summit. Retrieved 25 October 2018. The Art Online Gallery website 111

  3. 2019 in Malta

    – Maltese Tuna fishers quotas increased May 23 and 25 – Malta AI and Blockchain summit will be held. May 25 – The European Parliament election and local

  4. Josh Mandel

    options to Ohio taxpayers and to project Ohio as a state that is embracing blockchain technology.  Mandel described himself as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and

  5. N. Asokan

    University)". "Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security (HAIC)". "Blockchain Consensus and Beyond: Scalable Secure Consensus & Applications". Academy

  6. Location-based service

    determined. Another emerging method for confirming location is IoT and blockchain-based relative object location verification. With control plane locating

  7. Fran Ilich

    co-created an early Bitcoin-related conceptual art performance titled “Blockchain Performance”, as co-production of Artistic Bokeh & Spacebank in which

  8. Mont Pelerin Society

    the 9th (out of 55) "Best Think Tank Conference". In 2018, the Swiss blockchain banking Fintech company Mt Pelerin has named itself after the Mont Pelerin

  9. Grupa Warszawa

    Urodzinowa celebracja". DesignAlive (in Polish). Retrieved 2020-02-06. "Blockchain najlepszą inwestycją?". 2018-10-17. Retrieved 2020-02-05. "Grupa

  10. List of Pragyan editions

    14 workshops on a wide variety of fields covering Deep Learning, AR, Blockchains, Softwares and others. These workshops gathered great interest and participation