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  1. Sudipto Banerjee

    an Indian-American statistician best known for his work on Bayesian hierarchical modeling and inference for spatial data analysis. He is currently Professor

  2. ArviZ

    for exploratory analysis of Bayesian models it offers data structures for manipulating data that it is common in Bayesian analysis, like numerical samples

  3. Logistic regression

    _{i}}}}\right)^{n_{i}-y}.} This model can be fit using the same sorts of methods as the above more basic model. In a Bayesian statistics context, prior distributions

  4. JASP

    results. The development of JASP is financially supported by several universities and research funds. JASP offers frequentist inference and Bayesian inference

  5. Conjoint analysis

    The Assumptions of Choice Modeling Output of a standard choice-based conjoint analysis study Conjoint Analysis, Related Modeling and Applications Conjoint

  6. Software development effort estimation

    networks, Bayesian statistics, lexical analysis of requirement specifications, genetic programming, linear programming, economic production models, soft computing

  7. OpenBUGS

    OpenBUGS is a software application for the Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. OpenBUGS is

  8. Occam's razor

    the razor can be derived from Bayesian model comparison, which is based on Bayes factors and can be used to compare models that don't fit the observations

  9. Glossary of artificial intelligence

    of the predictive modeling approaches used in statistics, data mining and machine learning. declarative programming A programming paradigm—a style of

  10. Computational linguistics

    computational approach to modeling language development and acquisition in an individual. Attempts have been made to model the developmental process of