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  1. Apache Kafka

    include managing passenger and driver matching at Uber, providing real-time analytics and predictive maintenance for British Gas’ smart home, and performing

  2. Go (programming language)

    compiles Go to JavaScript for front-end web development. Go was designed at Google in 2007 to improve programming productivity in an era of multicore, networked

  3. Fluentd

    Lake Development with Big Data. pp. 44–45; 48. Packt. ISBN 1785881663 Suonsyrjä, Sampo and Mikkonen, Tommi "Designing an Unobtrusive Analytics Framework

  4. History of software

    assembly language, and continuing on through functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms. Computing as a concept goes back to ancient

  5. Marketing automation

    touch-points such as email and social media Lead management Campaign performance analytics (i.e. open rate or click-through rates on emails, conversion rates on

  6. Carbon Black (company)

    company announced that it had acquired data analytics firm Visitrend and would open a technology development center in downtown Boston. A month later, the

  7. PARC (company)

    programming (with class-based inheritance, the most popular OOP model to this day) in the Smalltalk programming language and integrated development environment

  8. Computer science

    computer to perform. Imperative programming focuses on describing how a program operates. Object-oriented programming, a programming paradigm based on the concept

  9. Computer

    automatically via computer programming. Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs. These programs enable computers

  10. Programmer

    Some who work with web programming languages also prefix their titles with web. A range of occupations that involve programming also often require a range