Information about Test

  1. S-PLUS

    implementation of the S programming language sold by TIBCO Software Inc. It features object-oriented programming capabilities and advanced analytical algorithms.

  2. ANSER

    purchased Advanced Technology International (ATI) of Summerville, South Carolina, a non-profit entity that organizes and manages research and development consortia

  3. Parasoft DTP

    of the codebase. DTP provides software testing analytics via an internal intelligence engine. Analytics are a way to provide actionable information and

  4. Human resource management system

    and rota management Absence management Leave management Reporting and analytics Employee reassignment Grievance handling by following precedents The payroll

  5. Seeq Corporation

    in Seattle, Washington, United States, that provides software with advanced analytics capabilities to the industrial process manufacturing sector including

  6. Fluentd

    Lake Development with Big Data. pp. 44–45; 48. Packt. ISBN 1785881663 Suonsyrjä, Sampo and Mikkonen, Tommi "Designing an Unobtrusive Analytics Framework

  7. Cultural analytics

    analytics" was coined by Lev Manovich in 2007. Cultural analytics shares many ideas and approaches with visual analytics ("the science of analytical reasoning

  8. Statgraphics

    profession requires analysis of data for business intelligence, predictive analytics, Six Sigma and other sophisticated statistical protocols. Version 18,

  9. List of optimization software

    DATADVANCE. SAS – a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics (statistics, forecasting, machine learning, optimization, etc.), business

  10. Statistica

    Statistica is an advanced analytics software package originally developed by StatSoft which was acquired by Dell in March 2014. In November 2016, Dell