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  1. Big Data Maturity Model

    behavioral modeling) and retail organizations (click-stream analytics together with self-service analytics for teams). Big data maturity models can be broken down

  2. History of programming languages

    history of programming languages spans from documentation of early mechanical computers to modern tools for software development. Early programming languages

  3. Master of Science in Project Management

    the study of concepts, methodologies and analytic techniques necessary for successful leadership of programs/projects within complex organizations. Curricula

  4. Flow-based programming

    In computer programming, flow-based programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of "black box" processes, which exchange

  5. Architectural pattern

    corresponding need to codify the rapidly sprawling world of software development at the deepest possible level, while remaining flexible and adaptive

  6. Online video platform

    not require advanced programming knowledge. It is now commonly achieved through a web browser, and can be done by users with no programming experience

  7. Tasuku Honjo

    October 2018. "Hall of Citation Laureates". Clarivate Analytics. Retrieved 1 October 2018. "Warren Alpert Foundation Prize Recipients"

  8. Computer program

    were available for programming. Computers manufactured until the 1970s had front-panel switches for programming. The computer program was written on paper

  9. Artificial intelligence for video surveillance

    security called "behavioral analytics" has been developed. This software is fully self-learning with no initial programming input by the user or security

  10. Boston University Metropolitan College

    Management Software Development Supply Chain Management Telecommunication Urban Affairs Advanced Information Technology Applied Business Analytics Applied Sustainability