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  1. Jordan University of Science and Technology

    Faculties and it houses its office. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides advanced studies in different fields including Medicine, Applied Medical Sciences

  2. Digital rhetoric

    Theory, Method, Practice: “... the application of rhetorical theory (as analytic method or heuristic for production) to digital texts and performances”

  3. Awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

    reforms in police and Interior forces, in the development of effective mechanisms for the implementation of advanced forms and methods of successfully carrying

  4. Eryldene, Gordon,_Gordon

    neighbours' "multangular villas". Waterhouse managed to acquire twelve advanced Camellia japonica cultivar (cv.) plants 1–1 metre (3–4 ft) high in 1914

  5. John Call Cook

    under Dr. James L. Lawson in the Roof Laboratory. This group worked on advanced problems of radar systems, such as signal discernibility, anti-jamming

  6. Women in science

    the development of training for teachers along Froebelian lines and developed the principle that was also to inform her general educational program, which

  7. Reduced muscle mass, strength and performance in space,_strength_and_performance_in_space

    (EVA); and vehicle landing and egress. EVA suits and launch and entry or advanced crew escape suits (ACES) worn by ISS and Shuttle crewmembers are designed

  8. Donald D. Clayton

    interstellar grains could be discovered within meteorites; and he also advanced a related theory that he called cosmic chemical memory by which the effects

  9. War on women

    Committee chairman Reince Priebus described it as an over-simplified fiction advanced by Democrats and the media while other Republicans contended that such

  10. Languages in censuses

    some knowledge of Russian (24% advanced, 59% intermediate) compared to 40% who said they knew some English (4% advanced, 16% intermediate and 20% beginner)