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Global Corporations: Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Wells Fargo
Consulting Firms: Accenture, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Healthcare: WHO, US Health & Human Services, UK Dept. of Health, European HMA
World Governments: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, UK, USA
U.S. Defense: AFRL, Air Force, Army, CCRP, Comptroller, DISA, DoD, NASA, Navy
World Defense: Australia (Air Force), Canada (Defence R&D), UK (Ministry of Defence)
Universities: Harvard, INSEAD, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Wharton

Worldwide Business and IT Editorial Reviews & Interviews as global industrial benchmark such as in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Week, CIO, CIO Insight, Computerworld, Information Week, etc.

Inc. Magazine

“Obsolete what you know before others obsolete it and profit by creating the challenges and opportunities others haven't even thought about...”
- Inc. Magazine Interview: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder, AIMLExchange

Fortune Magazine

“Yogesh Malhotra says his vision is to fill the gaps between business and technology, data and knowledge, and, theory and practice...”
- Fortune Magazine Interview: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder, AIMLExchange

CIO Magazine

“The new business model of the Information Age, however, is marked by fundamental, not incremental, change. Businesses can't plan long-term; instead, they must shift to a more flexible anticipation-of-surprise model.”
- CIO Magazine Interview: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder, AIMLExchange

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CEO-CxO Teams: Startups to $100 Billion Firms to Trillion $ Hedge Funds.

AIMLExchange™ enables Peak Performance of global Digital CEO-CxO teams in Knowing, Building, and, Monetizing Digital, AI-ML, Cyber-Crypto, Quant, and, Quantum Technologies, Practices, Teams, and, Ventures. Advancing on our world’s largest Digital Transformation Network, the AIMLExchange™ global membership Network aims to save you up to 90% Time, Cost, and, Effort focused on Performance. Building on proprietary Risk Management Practices, we address cyber vulnerabilities of AI-ML technologies while mitigating the risk of a global nuclear catastrophe.

"Whether you are a small enterprise planning to go big or a big enterprise that needs to operate in agile startup mode, we enable and accelerate your Knowing, Building, and, Monetization of related Digital Practices, Technologies, Teams, and, Ventures.":

We create the Digital Future™ ...by enabling Hi-Tech CEO-CxO Teams Peak Performance...
...Where AI-Machine Learning-Deep Learning Meet Cyber Security, Cryptography, Telecommunications Engineering & Computational-Quantitative Analytics applied to Digital, Quant, Cyber, Crypto, Quantum Technologies, Practices & Ventures by CEO-CxO Teams.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” —Peter Drucker
We Create the Digital Future™ ...Doing So Since Beginning of the WWW...
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Having led Silicon Valley 20-Years Ago, Rome, NY firm ups the Global Bar to Quantum

  • Rome Firm Leading the Mohawk Valley to its Future as Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Valley.
  • "Silicon Valley, Here We Come, and We are Going to Eat Your Lunch" -Mohawk Valley.
  • AFRL Commercialization Academy Startups: Introducing AIMLExchange™: Demo Day.
  • If You Love Yourself and Care to "Build the Future" and Save the World in Process, Join Us.
  • "Lead the AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Revolution with Solid CommonSense".
  • Global Hi-Tech CEO-CxO Teams: Let's Together "Do Something Epic: Save the World™".
  • CEO-CxO Teams Aiming to Save Up to 90% Time in Executing Latest Technologies.
  • Leading CEO-CxO Practices: Big-4, $100B IT & Finance Firms, Global ISR Agencies.
  • AI-Machine Learning-KM Expert-Pioneer: Intel Corporation, Fortune & Inc. Interviews.

    Pioneering Human-Centered AI & Augmented AI 25-Years before the World Caught Up
  • “AI For Good”: AI-ML-Cyber Deep Fakes: 25-Yr Government-Industry-Academia R&D.
  • How to Build AI We Can Trust: Space, Time, Causality: Systems Design-Cybersecurity.
  • AI is Not "Magic" Nor is Any Other Known IT So Far and Why Does That Matter.
  • Pioneering “AI For Good” AI-Cyber Practices across Government, Industry, Academia.
  • AFRL-USAF Ventures: Pioneering Artificial Intelligence and AGI: To Save the World.
  • AI & Cyber Security: Why American Public is Already Worried about AI Catastrophe.
  • Moving Beyond Quibbling about AI vs. ML to AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum.
  • Why We Need to Think beyond ‘AI-ML’ Silos to AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum.
  • Why AI & Deep Learning Depend upon 'Human-In-The-Loop' for Effective Performance.
  • AI with Values-Ethics: Pioneering Human-Centered AI & Augmented AI for 25-Years.
  • AI & Data: How to Bridge the Chasm Between Data and Business Performance.

    Knowledge Management, Virtual Organizations & Business Model Innovation Pioneer
  • CEOs-CxOs: We Seek to Save You 90% Time to Know-Build-Monetize™ New Ventures.
  • CEO-CxO Teams Don't Need to Move to Silicon Valley: We Bring Silicon Valley to You.
  • CEOs-CxOs Welcome for Upending the Future of Education & Work as It Should Be.
  • Block Chain Private Equity Investors: Introduction with Block Chain CEO-CxO Team.
  • How to Be a Great Venture Investor: Bet on Outliers that Become Massive Winners.
  • Startups to Funding & Exit Strategies for Hi-Tech Startups: Tune to AIMLExchange.
  • Welcome to Bridge the 'Knowing Doing' Gaps: AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum.
  • Know-Build-Monetize™: Structural Trends Shaping Learning, Doing, Value-Creation.
  • Do You Want Others' #BlackSwans To be Your #GraySwans or #WhiteSwans? Know First!.

    Pioneer: AI-Machine Learning-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Where World Will Go Next
  • Why We Need to Think beyond ‘AI-ML’ Silos to AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum.
  • Moving Beyond Quibbling about AI vs. ML to AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum.
  • Beyond Quantum Computing & Information Science to Quantum Money & Block Chains.
  • Drones, Drone Swarms & Counter Drone Systems and Brain Computer Interfaces.
  • Drone Swarms: Beyond Drones to Counter-Drone & Counter-UAS Swarm Technologies.
  • NIST Supply Chain RiskManagement: Cyber Security-Supply Chain Risk Management.
  • Blockchain Encryption: zk-Snarks, Semi-Homormophism, and, Number Field Sieves.
  • Gumbel, Fréchet and Weibull Statistical Probability Distributions for the 'Real World'.
  • Beyond Illusion of Assumed 'Objectivity' of Math: Math is Fragile - Handle with Care.

    Having Built Global CEO-CxO Practices across MIT, Princeton, & Wall Street Hedge Funds
  • MIT AI-Machine Learning Executive Guide: ML-Deep Learning-NLP-RPA-Robotics.
  • Princeton Quant-FinTech-Crypto Presentations: Sponsors: Goldman Sachs, Citadel.
  • Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan: Pioneer: Beyond Prediction: Anticipation of Surprise.

    Global Digital Transformation Pioneer: Top Digital Site, Search Engine, &, Social Network
  • Use Cases: Worldwide World Leading Firms & Governments Applying Our Practices.
  • 25-Years Pioneering Augmented AI, Human Centered AI, Human Enabling AI-AGI.
  • 25-Years pioneering Human Driven Technologies & Human-Driven Social Networks.
  • 25-Years pioneering Digital Skills & Practices for Up-Skilling of Knowledge Workers.
  • How to Pioneer global Digital Transformation Starting with a Personal WWW Page.

  • Worldwide top leadership programs such as the Harvard MBA, world leaders such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Big-4 CxOs, and, CIOs of the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force, and, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Department of Defense including U.S. National Heads of C4 Systems and National Defense University have adopted, applied, and recommended our digital ventures transforming global digital practices.

    AIMLExchange™: Vision: Mohawk Valley, Future Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Valley

    AIMLExchange™ will realize the vision of future Mohawk Valley Griffiss-AFRL Tech ecosystem as a global leader in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security, Cryptography, Computational Quant Analytics enabling Digital, Quant, Cyber, Crypto, Quantum practices. The vision of Mohawk Valley as Future Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Valley emerged over several meetings of senior leaders, engineers, and, tech pioneers of the Griffiss-AFRL Tech ecosystem. It will build on our industry-leading Digital R&D leading and growing above hi-tech practices as a Digital pioneer leading hundreds of CEO-CxO teams and global enterprises. These include hundreds of global executives pioneering AI-Machine Learning-Deep Learning (AI-ML-DL) across industries such as we recently led, advised, and, guided for MIT Computer Science and AI Lab (CSAIL) and Sloan School of Management & Leadership program on AI-ML-DL.

    AIMLExchange™: Do Something Epic: Save the World™

    The Greatest Legacy we can leave the World is the World™.

    We live in perilous times: applying incredibly powerful AI technologies across military and industry. With great power comes great responsibility. Such responsibility is all the more important given recent Weapon System Cybersecurity reports by the Pentagon and the GAO. These reports highlight a great paradox. The same AI technologies that enable military’s automation and connectivity make the systems more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. ‘Bad guys’ can thus capture AI’s ‘control’ to cause a global nuclear meltdown even when we ‘own’ the drones that command and control nuclear capabilities.

    Same AI technologies when carefully developed and deployed with a balanced understanding of their powers as well as risks and limitations can ensure a safer world for all. Recent industry reports show that 80% of Americans are afraid of AI disasters. Same reports also highlight how to mitigate the risks and alleviate our worst fears of AI catastrophe. Americans have greatest confidence in U.S. military, academics, and, university researchers to lead careful development and deployment of AI. Griffiss Cyberspace and Drone is one such venture that has been leading development of balanced understanding of AI for global industry leaders such as for MIT and Princeton.

    Griffiss Cyberspace & Drone will integrate AFRL IPs to advance upon our prior Digital Social Enterprise ventures followed by US DoD and Allied forces, world governments, and, industry leaders. Our human-driven social networks empower rather than exploit users. Venture capitalist Roger McNamee recently implored Silicon Valley to embrace such human-driven social networks as the Next Big Thing. As pioneers, we led and guided Silicon Valley 20-years ago to build Digital enterprises for the ‘Wild Wild Web’. In collaboration with AFRL, Griffiss Institute, Mohawk Valley, and, Wasabi Ventures, we are ready to lead the Silicon Valley again to advance further.

    "Venture capitalist Roger McNamee recently implored Silicon Valley to embrace human-driven social networks that empower rather than exploit users as the Next Big Thing. Having pioneered such networks, we were invited to guide Silicon Valley 20-years ago on building Digital enterprises for the Wild Wild Web*. Today, we are ready to again lead Silicon Valley to further advance human-driven technologies in collaboration with the AFRL, Griffiss Institute, Mohawk Valley, and, Wasabi Ventures."
    - Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder, AIMLExchange

    * Dr. Yogesh Malhotra: TiE Global, Silicon Valley, invited plenary keynote of April 21, 1999: “Growing Business Enterprises on the Net: The Way of the Wild Wild Web,” the next plenary keynote was given by the co-founder of Silicon Graphics.

    "I propose that Silicon Valley embrace human-driven technology as the Next Big Thing. In America, if you want to solve a problem, it helps to incorporate the profit motive, which we can do by shifting the focus of technology from exploiting the weakest links in human psychology to a commitment to empowering users... What would human-driven technology look like? It would empower users rather than exploit them. Human-driven social networks would enable sharing with friends, but without massive surveillance, filter bubbles and data insecurity."
    - Roger McNamee, TIME, Jan. 17, 2019.

    Our prior AFRL Commercialization Academy Top-10 Venture: Griffiss Cyberspace & Drone™ Network: evolved into the AIMLExchange™ Digital venture, and, the USAF HQ AI-ML commercial Exchange which is being built in collaboration with the USAF leaders with the Secretary of USAF as the client for U.S. DoD-wide AI & ML Technologies advancement. It represents another example of our worldwide global collaborations spanning academia, research, policy, and, practices focused on building and advancing global Digital practices as one of the original Digital Social Enterprises born on the WWW starting with the beta of the first WWW browser.

    AIMLExchange™: What Makes Us Different*: We Create the Digital Future™

    AIMLExchange™ enables Peak Performance of global Digital CEO-CxO teams in Knowing, Building, and, Monetizing Digital, AI-ML, Cyber-Crypto, Quant, and, Quantum Technologies, Practices, Teams, and, Ventures. Advancing on our world’s largest Digital Transformation Network, the AIMLExchange™ global membership Network aims to save you up to 90% Time, Cost, and, Effort focused on Performance. Building on proprietary Risk Management Practices, we address cyber vulnerabilities of AI-ML technologies while mitigating the risk of a global nuclear catastrophe.

    Griffiss Institute AFRL Commercialization Academy Venture: #AIMLExchange AIMLExchange.com brings together two critical capabilities into easy-to-use format for global CEO-CxO teams aiming to save up to 90% time in #Knowing, #Building & #Monetizing latest technologies while ensuring #cyberresilience.

    #Cybersecurity:"We cannot protect that which we do not understand.": So, how to expedite our #Knowing and #Doing about the integrated 'constellations' of ever-growing technologies spanning #AI & related #Digital #Cyber #Crypto #Quant and #Quantum Technologies, etc.

    There are 2 ways that we have found useful ourselves & among our global network of clients, users, and, patrons: https://lnkd.in/eyYwnWh .

    1. Use coherent frameworks of #Data, #Information, #Systems, & #Networks as well as related #People, #Processes & #Technologies that are applicable and generalizable across the spectrum of most such technologies #Past, #Present & #Future.

    2. Deploy solid understanding about not only how systems are built, but why & how they fail: https://lnkd.in/eRR7NrH and how they can be failed: https://lnkd.in/eR6439j .

    Our 25-year R&D has specifically focused on building such #FrameworksOfPractice: https://lnkd.in/et2wpKe with focus on latest and greatest technologies: https://lnkd.in/e7nFcpA .

    In fields of Cybernetics, Computer Sciences, and, Information Systems with focus on Uncertainty and Complexity, 'Information' is commonly understood to be the Difference that makes the Difference. Additionally, in foundations of Systems Theory, 'Requisite Variety' is the key attribute needed for addressing the dynamic Complexity and Uncertainty of the Environment. Building upon those building blocks, we offer the following 'Common Sense' characterization of What Makes Us Different.

    While for most, the issue about Prediction based upon 'Past' Data is a given, we have challenged this foundational issue building 25-year R&D leading global practices clearly recognizing that 'Future' is not the 'Past'. It wasn't so in the early 1990s when Data Management was the focus of the mainstream 'Information Systems' texts and we explicitly chose to focus our Information Systems R&D and Practices on radical Change Management and Management of Uncertainty and Complexity for most robust and sustainable Business Performance Outcomes. And it isn't now.

    Hence, having seen the same movie play out in the 'Information Systems' discipline that is currently playing out in the 'Computer Science' discipline, we anticipate the 'fad' with focus on Data [such as Big Data and Data Science] to fade out given the basic 'common sense' fact that while most focus on Data [which will always remain one of the inputs in the Inputs-Processing-Outcomes equation], we in contrast continue to focus on Business Performance Outcomes based not only on Data but more importantly on Imagination, Intuition, and, Creativity as these continue to be the foundational building blocks for 'Building the Future' and even more so in the forthcoming Future as we understand based upon our Analysis.

    Likewise, just like the prior 'fad' about Data Management without thinking about the Integrity of Data had its consequences leading to exponentially rising Cyber and Crypto risks, similarly the recent 'fad' for AI-ML-DL and Data Science without considering the most critical and exponentially rising Cyber and Crypto risks will take its toll. While some of the smartest leaders such as in the DoD focus on 'Deep Fakes' -- a topical theme of many of our global, national, and state presentations -- as illustrated in our Princeton presentations among others, however, Deep Fakes represent only a microcosm of the exponentially rising risks 'invisible' to the [untrained human and AI] eye we have discussed as the 'Icebergs of Risk' [with over 90% risks 'invisible' to the untrained eye] that will be impacting the world, governments, firms, and, nations going forward into the Future.

    In contrast to many of the issues lost in the complex jargon of the 'Normal Science' and related 'fads' riding on mathematical equations - which we have been dissecting specifically for over 15 years - starting 4 years prior to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 and going back to early 1990s with our early interactions with 'top journals' of 'Normal Science', many of the issues remain a matter of Common Sense including Common Sense about Math shared in our presentations such as at the Princeton Quant, FinTech and Crypto conferences sponsored by firms such as Goldman and Citadel. Alas, most of AI and Deep Learning including the foreseeable developments are devoid of 'Common Sense' as explicitly acknowledged by the smartest Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, and, Psychologists of today as well as yesterday.